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Syriac Bible for Children

Syriac Bible for Children
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Introduction for children and young adult readers to the timeless stories and characters of the Bible. It is a beautifully illustrated Bible for children. From Genesis through Revelation, all 70 action-packed stories are short enough for young readers to finish in one sitting. Children feel successful every time they complete a story, making the Bible for Children a book they will come back to again and again. It is the perfect starting point for children as well as for the beginners of Syriac language.The Children’s Bible is a derivative work of the Young Reader’s Bible adapted to the Syriac Peshitta text the standard Bible version of the Syriac-speaking Churches. It is rewritten in a language children can understand and filled with beautiful illustrations that they will certainly enjoy. It is also accompanied by an audio CD that contains the narration of all the stories in both classical Syriac (kthobonoyo) and the vernacular (Turoyo). Thus, making The Bible for Children not only applicable to children but also for adults, who would like to refresh their knowledge of the Bible in a language that they fully appreciate. It is an ideal book for children to begin their lifetime adventure of the Bible reading as well as an excellent resource book for Sunday schools, Syriac language schools and even the beginner student of Syriac language.

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